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My Sleepless in NY Weekend!!

I was one of the participants in the Sleepless in NY - The Ultimate Sharepoint Weekend. It was an awesome experience and hats off to Infusion for pulling it off so well. The trainers were able to squeeze in so much in these 2 days. I am a sharepoint newbie and this weekend increased my knowledge by leaps and bounds. And of course, there were plenty of cool prizes including a really high end laptop and a trip to MS - Redmond.

We were put up in the Park Central hotel near Times Square, but we hardly got to stay there! The training schedule was really intensive, mixing in labs to let us practise what we were taught, and it all ended with a saturday night assignment for us to to develop something useful for the Community Kit for Sharepoint. We were divided into groups of three and my group decided to come up with a cool media library webpart for sharepoint collaborating sharepoint and silverlight. We worked really hard on it all night, but were unfortunately unable to complete our project by the morning, partly due to the new Silverlight RTW giving some unexpected issues; and of course our inexperience with both sharepoint and silverlight slowed things down. But it was great to work along with such talented people and just be creative. The judges were really interested in our project and commented that it woud definitely be a contribution to the Sharepoint society and that we should try to finish it.

Another highlight of the weekend was that we got to meet and hang out with Carl and Richard from DotNetRocks. Besides the talented Infusion trainers, Sahil Malik (MS MVP) and Lawrence Liu also gave excellent presentations.

Not only did i pick up so much in sharepoint in the 2 days, but i also got to meet some really talented people. I am thankful to Infusion for that and hopefully they will continue to host such great events in the future.