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Migrating From dasBlog to WordPress

I migrated this blog from dasBlog to WordPress a couple of weeks ago, to take advantage of the large number of WordPress plug-ins and themes available. Here are the steps I had to follow:

  1. Created Local backup of my dasBlog site.

  2. Used this tool to create BlogML file from dasBlog.

  3. Installed WordPress on a test directory on my host (GoDaddy), since it provided a 1-click install.

  4. Configured the permalink structure in WordPress.

  5. Used BlogML to WordPress Import Module mentioned here to import all my old data.

  6. Installed Redirection plug-in for WordPress. Under Redirection->Options->Import, I used the CSV file containing the mapped URLS to set up URL redirection so that all the old links remained intact.

  7. Renamed the test directory to my desired blog directory name in the host.

In case you are subscribed to the old RSS feed URL, please be sure to update it to the new one.