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Slides and Demos for Programming With Kinect for Windows Talk, and Introducing JediSmash

I have been playing a lot with the Kinect for Windows this year, and gave presentations on it at LRTechFest and Cowtown CodeCamp recently. As promised, you can find the slides and demos here.

I used version 1.6 of the SDK for this presentation. You can get the code for the demos at github. I created a small screencast of the demos if you didn’t get a chance to attend my talk.

I also showed a fun WPF application that combines multiple Kinect capabilities like Color, Depth, Skeletal tracking and speech recognition. It’s called JediSmash.

I also got a chance to show the Kinect Replay application that I built that lets you record and replay Kinect sessions without having the actual Kinect hardware. I’ll blog about it soon. I am excited about the version 1.7 of the SDK that came out this week, and am planning to talk about the new features as I do more Kinect related talks in user groups/conferences in Texas and surrounding areas this year. If you lead a user group and would like me to present, feel free to get in touch.