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SqlSmash: A Productivity Plugin for Sql Server Management Studio

For a while, I have been working on SqlSmash, a productivity plugin for Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2012. It’s finally reached a place where I can start sharing it with other people and last week, I released it in a public alpha. The plugin might still be rough around the edges (extending SSMS is no easy task), but it should be stable and useable.

Current features

  • Go To Object: Easily navigate to any of the tables, stored procedures, functions or triggers in any of your databases.
  • Format Sql: Apply your casing preferences to the keywords, variables and identifiers and indent the Sql.
  • Execute Current Query: Only execute the query that your cursor is placed at.
  • Search Objects: Search all your database objects for any text.
  • Summarize Script: Summarize complex scripts and navigate around easily.
  • Go To Definition: Show the definition of a Sql object in a single click.
  • Find All References: Find what other objects are referencing the Sql Object under your cursor.
  • Quick Info: Get a quick overview about the Sql Object under your cursor.

All features can be accessed via the main menu, contextual menu, toolbar or keyboard shortcuts. When you connect to a database server, the plugin builds a cache of the database objects and some features (Go To Object, Quick Info) need to wait for this process to finish.

Some things to expect and Common questions

  • Bugs
    Sadly, I recently found that I am not the unique snowflake I thought I was and my code is not made of unicorn tears and rainbows. The code is average and sometimes there are bugs. I try my best to test for edge cases and fix issues but there might be some that I have not found yet. If you run into any unexpected behavior, please send an email (any details/screenshots would be appreciated) to This will help me out a lot and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
  • Which versions of SSMS are supported?
    Currently, SqlSmash works on only with SSMS 2012. You should be able to use SSMS 2012 to connect to older versions of Sql Server (like 2008).
  • Will SqlSmash be free?
    No, it would be a paid product once it hits version 1.0. Until then, it’s free.
  • How long will it be in alpha/beta?
    As long as it needs to be. Earning money soon would be nice, but I would like to do so with a quality product.
  • I don’t like the way the Sql formatting works.
    Formatting the Sql has been a really hard problem to solve and I am not sure if there is a solution that will please everybody. You can change some of the formatting behavior by changing the Options under Options->Formatting.
  • How do I get updates?
    SqlSmash has auto-update functionality built in and can be configured under Options->Update. It is recommended to leave this enabled to automatically get bug fixes. You can also check the website for updated builds.
  • Where do I get this so called “alpha”?
    Right here: