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2017: Shipped

Boy! This year went by fast. It was an exciting year both on the personal and professional front.

The biggest change was our son Dev being born in June.

I am enjoying being a dad, though it does leave less time for geekier pursuits. Our puppy Dexter also continues to be a blessing, and we love having him as part of our family.

  • On the professional front, I left my job at the startup and went back to consulting as a full stack developer. That has worked out well so far, and I am enjoying getting back in consulting and working with a bigger team.
  • I continued to meditate, and dabbled in learning Chinese and playing the ukulele. I would like to do much more of all these 3 things, but right now they tend to be lower priority compared to the other things going on.
  • I played with React Native a lot, and also got up to speed on AngularJS/Angular for work.
  • I exercised regularly and practiced intermittent fasting as well, which helped me lose about 10 more lbs than last year.
  • I read around 12 non-fiction books, and a lot of fiction as well.
  • I continued to ramp up my learning about basics of finances
  • I am very close to shipping out a smallish new side project: Read My Book Notes. It’s a dedicated website to host my book notes.

I am very grateful for the life and blessings we have right now. There’s always room for improvement though. Next year, I would like to:

  • Spend more time with the ukulele.
  • Level up my expertise with Angular.
  • Learn how to grill.